SV Union – carries out professional activities for transportation, brokerage warehousing and wholesales.


We are focused on domestic road transportations of goods within Europe and transit to/from Russia and CIS countries, as well as cargo handling through customs warehouses in Baltic States. Transportations are carried out by both own and borrowed vehicles. Possession of own fleet of trucks provides us more opportunities and deeper knowledge of the process of truck traffic arrangement. We offer transportation of such cargoes as:

  • all types of containers;
  • general cargoes by full trucks and partial load (FTL / LTL);
  • dangerous goods (ADR);
  • temperature controlled transportation (REF);
  • heavy and oversized items;
  • project cargo and others.

Our advantages in road transportation:

  • possession of own fleet of trucks: more than 25 vehicles;
  • all vehicles are Euro 5 and Euro 6;
  • brands: Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF;
  • vehicles are registered in Latvia and in Russian Federation;
  • available 3-side permits;
  • real time tracking of all vehicles, etc…

Sea freight

Because of good geographical location of Riga seaport transportations  by sea are one of our main business directions. But we do not limit ourselves working only through the port of Riga and having a network of reliable partners worldwide, we offer a full range of international forwarding.

We are focused on cargo transportation by all types of containers, both standard (20’DC, 40’DC / HQ), and special ones: containers with temperature control (REF) and open containers (open top, flat rack) mainly used for transportation of non-standard items, i.e. heavy or bulky cargo.

We cooperate with all major shipping lines, what allows us to choose most appropriate delivery option (price & time) for each particular transportation.

We offer following services:

  • cargo shipping in fully loaded containers (FCL);
  • transportation of small cargoes in consolidated sea containers (LCL);
  • transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • transportation of goods that require temperature control (REF);
  • transportation of dangerous (IMO) cargoes;
  • consolidation of multiple consignments in one container;
  • warehouse services in both departure and destination ports;
  • customs clearance;
  • multimodal transportations;
  • «door to door» service, etc ..

Air freight

Airfreight is the most relevant transportation mode for goods, which are distanced from seaports, or in cases when the decisive factor is time (speed) of delivery, rather than price.

Respectively to sea freight  for air freight we offer such services as:

  • transportation of dangerous (IMO) cargo;
  • warehouse services on any stages of transportation;
  • customs clearance;
  • multimodal transportation;
  • «door to door» transportation service, etc ..

Additional services

Often transportation is not only limited by transport mode, but require additional services. Additional logistics services we offer include:

  • multimodal transportation, i.e. combining of several types of transport at various stages of transportation;
  • customs services;
  • warehousing, on  any stage of transportation;
  • freight forwarding;
  • cargo insurance;
  • «door to door» delivery service;
  • repacking of goods;
  • etc.

Wholesale of medical equipment and other goods

SV Union offers a wide range of medical equipment and other goods for wholesale buyers. We work with trusted suppliers from Europe and other parts of the world, which allows us to offer our customers the best prices and high-quality products.

Our catalog includes the following categories of goods :

Medical equipment :

  • Surgical equipment;
  • Diagnostic equipment;
  • Laboratory equipment;
  • Rehabilitation equipment;
  • Dental equipment;
  • Veterinary equipment, and more.Medical supplies :
  • Disposable medical devices;
  • Dressing materials;
  • Diagnostic kits;
  • Pharmaceuticals, and more.Other goods :
  • Home, Office, Construction, Industrial, and more.
    We work with customers from all over the world. We offer flexible terms of cooperation and an individual approach to each customer.

Advantages of working with SV Union :

  • Wide range of products;
  • Competitive prices;
  • High-quality products;
  • Reliable suppliers;
  • Flexible terms of cooperation;
  • Individual approach to each customer;

If you are interested in wholesale purchases of medical equipment or other goods, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you select products that best meet your needs.

Contact us today and get a great offer!